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McDonald Jones Homes

Since partnering with the Children's Cancer Institute in 2014, McDonald Jones Homes have become one of our biggest supporters – now building their third “House Built with Love”.  We obviously couldn’t Build for a Cure without a house, or without the selfless volunteers who dedicate their time to build it.

McDonald Jones has made a commitment to making a difference in the communities that we build in. We are building a home for the Children’s Cancer Institute because we believe that children deserve the best possible chance for a long future

Bill McDonald
Founder/Director, McDonald Jones Homes

About McDonald Jones Homes

McDonald Jones Homes understand that the style in which a home is built goes deeper than what is on the surface. Their home designs are about livability, making day-to-day life as easy as possible for a home that will continue to delight your senses every day. 

Their philosophy is that each home is unique to the needs of each individual and our homes are adapted to the unique circumstances of our families to ensure that they can enjoy their living experience now and long into the future.

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